Across to Bear Archives (#1-9)

November 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

For all those loyal solvers out there, here are all the old puzzles from the pre-blog days. Now you can have the complete set and make all your friends jealous!

Fall 2010:
#9 – “This Is Spinal Tap!” – Natan Last

#8 – “Dick in a Box” – Jonah Kagan

Summer 2010:
#7 – “No Presh” – Natan Last & Jonah Kagan

This is an exclusive summer puzzle previously released only to incoming Brown freshmen! Aren’t you lucky…

Spring 2010:
Across to Bear #1-6 (pdf, puz, solutions)

I’m too lazy to upload every single one individually. Here’s a .zip archive file with everything. If you really want an individual file or the archive doesn’t work, email me and I will send you whatever you want.


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